Road to Nowhere

Even though we had got to bed after midnight we were still up early, and today we were up before Andrew. The previous morning he had a dig at us for sleeping in. Well shit, we had been on the go from Jasper well before the sun came up and then we didn’t get to bed till after midnight due to their incompetence, yet he still had a dig at us. Payback is a bitch and he didn’t like not being up before us.

Marion had tried to organise a shout out to Kim and I via her favourite morning show. She had grabbed our photo from the internet and sent it in. It was a very nice gesture, however she had managed to get Marion and Andrew’s names on it instead or ours. It was appreciated, but it was a fail.

Today, unlike yesterday, the sun was out and it wasn’t raining. The plan for the day was to head north out of Toronto to see the fall colours that Canada is famous for. While we sat around watching the TV listening to Marion and Andrew talk, we some how got onto the topic of driving and how we both had been driving through Canada. Andrew was shocked to hear that Kim could drive (chauvinist pig), but he offered Kim the keys for the day to which I quickly said yes. Neither of us really wanted Andrew to drive again after the previous nights experience.

We headed out thinking, that since Marion and Andrew had lived here in Toronto for 44 years, that they would know some good places to visit. Or at the very least have done some research before now so they knew where to go. We seemed to drive for a very long time and eventually they saw a Timmy’s so we stopped for a coffee. Before we got to Timmy’s Andrew nearly caused Kim to get into an accident because of his poor directions at an intersection. 

Tim Horton’s, or Timmy’s, is a coffee chain in Canada, named after a former Toronto Maple Leafs player who passed away. Kim loves their coffee and I really love their hot chocolate. However, we are not obsessed with knowing the location of every Timmy’s, Andrew is. I’m pretty sure he knows where every Timmy’s and every casino is located in the Ontario region.

Andrew wanted to get some petrol, and the was a station next to Timmy’s, but he didn’t want to get it there because he thought it was too busy. Bullshit!

We all got out of the car and Marion and Andrew headed inside. Kim was stressed out and was at breaking point with both of them. I was also sick and tired of them, but because I wasn’t driving I wasn’t feeling the stress quite as much at that time.

Next door to the Timmy’s was an old abandoned house that was left to ruin. I decided to take some photos of it as I hadn’t had a chance to do so all day. While I was doing that I decided I would ask Marion and Andrew if they knew of any parks nearby, or where we were going, when I went inside. I asked them that question and they didn’t know. They didn’t know! I was stunned with disbelief at that point and really didn’t want to be around them anymore. I had poured over our honeymoon plans for most of the year and had things planned out for us that allowed us to see as much as possible everyday. Now here we are in some random coffee chain somewhere north of Toronto (the corner of Simcoe St and the Trans Canadian Highway, near Beaverton), with two people who have lived here for over forty years, and yet they couldn’t show us anything interesting. I was pissed!


3 thoughts on “Road to Nowhere

  1. Sonel

    Sounds like those 2 doesn’t get out of the house much then Colin. 🙂
    Great shots of that beautiful old house. I can’t believe it’s just left like that. Must be a ‘haunted house”…what do you think? 😉

  2. Colin Butterworth Post author

    I think you are right, they don’t seem to get out much.
    When I was trying to track down where we had gone that day through google maps, I found that the gas station and Timmy’s was relatively new (it wasn’t on the satellite image). The house was there so I wonder when it will be developed or maybe it has been now.
    Perhaps it is haunted!?! I know I wanted to go inside but my better judgement told me not to. Perhaps that was Kim telling me not to be stupid? 🙂

  3. Sonel

    No wonder then. They should. It’s good exercise. 😀

    Oooh, maybe it is haunted and maybe your better judgement was not Kim but the spirits warning you not to goin inside. LOL!

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