After I confronted them about where we were going today, Marion and Andrew tried to find somewhere to go. They ended up asking some road workers where to go and we headed out in some vague direction. I think Marion wanted to go to midlands, but we missed the turnoff. Andrew was meant to point it out but all we got out of him was “I don’t know Marion, the sun was in my eyes, I can’t see”. I can mimic Andrews voice with this sentence quite well, much to the dismay of Kim.

Because we had missed the turn off we were heading towards the city of Barrie. Marion and Andrew started their normal bickering about the missed turn after that. Kim snap at this point and said “We’re not going to Midlands. We’re going to Barrie and then we’re going home! It is getting late”. There was silence in the car for at least 20-30 minutes. It was bliss, but all good things come to an end.

There wasn’t much in Barrie and what was there Andrew stood in front of. Kim wanted to take a photo of a small man made waterfall but Andrew strayed into the shot. Kim yelled out “Andrew move out of the way”. Andrew “I want to look at the ducks. Kim “F__k the ducks, move out of the way”. Marion moved at light speed over to Andrew and moved him on. We started to walk away from the two of them here and took our photos, which weren’t very inspiring, but it was nice to be away from them again. It didn’t matter that we weren’t taking fantastic images. At least we were doing something other than driving around without a clue as to where we were going.

Nice flowers in Barrie

Andrew wasn’t even any help in getting us out of Barrie. Thankfully Kim figured out how to get out of there and we headed back towards Toronto. We were driving on the 400. Marion doesn’t like driving on the 401 as she thinks it’s too dangerous. We found out later that the 400 is the most dangerous road in Toronto. The little shit box Suzuki Kim was driving, had a steering wheel that left black sticky marks on her hands when she took them off it. And the steering wheel vibrated madly when at speed, which she had to travel at on the 400 so as not to cause an accident. The 400 was 6 lanes going in both directions. Kim did a magnificent job driving!


3 thoughts on “Barrie

  1. Colin Butterworth Post author

    They are both very real people. I didn’t change their names, but I also didn’t use their surname. I’m sure their hearts were in the right place, but they didn’t provide a very nice holiday experience.

  2. Sonel

    Whahahahaa! Well done Kim! She has my temper for sure Colin as I would have done the same and said the same. LOL!
    Gosh! What a terrible experience that must have been and I am glad you got a great shot out of this at least. Love the flowers! I am also glad Kim is such a good driver. I hate driving. 😀

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