CN Tower and Going Postal

This morning we took charge of thing as today we were going to the city, and later on to see the ice hockey season opener between the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Montreal Canadians. The night before I had found out that I was royally screwed on the price for the hockey tickets, of which I bought four, so Marion and Andrew could come along with us as a gift for putting us up.

I was beginning to wish that I hadn’t bought tickets for them. The organisation and the amount of stress, which they had given both of us, was too much to bear. I felt that we had paid enough for staying with them. After wasting so much time over the past two days listening to them argue from morning to night. Being taken to places that weren’t interesting due to their incompetence and lack of organisation, and just for putting up with all their shit. We were at breaking point, which should have never happened on our honeymoon.  

We started the day by going to the post office to send some things home. We bought a lot of stuff that weighed quite a bit. We couldn’t travel with it all on the plane, so as a result we had to send several parcels home. We had to do this several times during our trip. We wanted to go alone, but Marion wanted Andrew to take us. We would have had to wait for him to have a shower and he would have only slowed us down. Thankfully, Marion’s computer was on so I jumped online and googled where we needed to go and then we set out (in the POS Suzuki).

Our first stop was at UPS. The other family members we met the night before gave us some directions, but we couldn’t see it from the road or the car park in the shopping centre. I said to Kim that maybe it was inside the shopping centre, so Kim went and had a look. Sure enough it was just a counter in the store. We took all our stuff in with us. We planned to get some boxes from them to package most of the stuff. We ended up getting one off them. The thing was, we had a lot of stuff and the cost was going to be way too high. Thankfully the UPS lady talked us into going to the post office instead. She was also good enough to let us keep the box that she gave us which I had already packed.

When we returned to the car I found that I had left the keys in the car and locked the doors. We weren’t going to ring Marion and Andrew about that! Luckily for us the broken boot played to our favour on this occasion. Kim went through the boot and unlocked the back door, which enabled me to get into the car and let Kim into the drivers seat. Crisis averted.

I had to do some navigation on the map I had, to get us to the post office. We missed it just by going around a corner a little too early, but it was easy to turn around and get back to it. The process of shipping three packages home was lengthy, but we got there in the end. We sent one parcel back express and the other two via surface mail. The two surface mail parcels took forever to get back home. One arrived a couple days before christmas while the other took 13 weeks to get to us from when we sent it. At least we got them. That was the last of all our parcels to arrive home to us.

While we were at the post office filling out forms and packing boxes, we watched and overheard a guy trying to get the post offices postal address. The post office staff told the man that they couldn’t give that information out, but he was more than welcome to purchase a post box. He wasn’t happy with this and went outside to his car, which was right outside, and we watched him making a phone call. Once the phone call was finished he came back inside. By this time the staff member on the counter had changed so he tried to get the address again. This staff member said the exact same things as the previous person. The guy was persistent. Later that morning, as we were heading to the train station, we saw him still standing outside the post office.

We got back to Marion and Andrews place later than they expected and were shocked at how much the postage cost, but that was our business. We organised a taxi to take us to the train station. We wanted to be in downtown Toronto well before the hockey game that night. After the total and utter shambles of the previous days, we didn’t want to be jerked around by them anymore. They bitched and moaned about it all day, but we didn’t care. The first thing Andrew bitched about was the taxi price. They told the driver that they wanted to go to the train station, but they didn’t specify which one. Once they corrected his course the driver took us to the correct station. The cab fare was pretty good considering the detour taken, but Andrew couldn’t let it go, saying it was too expensive.

We made the train easily and headed for downtown Toronto. The train stops right near/under the hockey stadium and also right under the shadow of the CN Tower. The tower was our first stop after leaving the train station. It is a little bit of a walk to get to the tower via the internal walkways, but it wasn’t bad. As we were heading towards the entrance we came across some buskers who were very good. I think they were doing an eagles song. I would have bought a CD off them, but we didn’t have any Canadian money on us. As it was our last day in Canada we had off loaded as much of our Canadian dollars as possible, so we were relying of our cards for the rest of our time in Canada. That was a shame.

Marion and Andrew weren’t going to go up the CN Tower with us because Marion is afraid of heights. That was fine with us. We chose to go to the highest part of the tower, which was going to take quite a while because of the lines to get there. We lined up to get our tickets then lined up again to get onto the elevator to take us to the main viewing deck. Once on the main viewing deck we saw that there was a restaurant and I mentioned to Kim that I would have liked to have had lunch up here, but we had Marion and Andrew waiting for us. We thought about it for a little while, then we decided to have lunch up here regardless of Marion and Andrew. Marion and Andrew were waiting downstairs, but we didn’t care, we wanted time away from them on our own. The lunch was very nice, a couple of burgers. I got a very good photo of Kim looking crazy while we sat in the restaurant.

The wind on the observation deck was unreal. You could lean into it and not fall over, yet on the other side of the tower there wasn’t a hint of the wind. We didn’t feel the tower moving on the main deck and for the most part we didn’t notice it on the upper deck until Kim leaned against the wall, then we felt the movement.


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