Downtown Toronto and getting to the Hockey

When we returned to the ground floor we searched through the gift shop for things to purchase and we were confronted with Marion and Andrew. Marion said to Kim that maybe we should split up for the rest of the day and meet back at the hockey later on. We jumped at the chance and parted ways. We decided to walk downtown to try and get to the centre of the city. We walked and walked and never found anything really, not even a shop to go into. Kim got tired and grumpy with me. I had no idea where we were. We eventually sat down in a small park between some buildings. While we sat there we saw a black squirrel right behind us, which Kim got some photos of.

After sitting for a while in silence I apologised for not knowing where we were and what we could see in the city. We both decided that it wasn’t our fault for the way we were feeling, it was staying with Marion and Andrew. They had put us under immense stress over the past few days and it was beginning to wear us down. We were feeling better after that, but I still had no idea how to get into the stadium for the hockey. I had always thought that Marion and Andrew (before I had met them) would be able to guide us, so I never looked it up. We walked back down towards the train station and sort of followed other people going to the hockey. We knew they were going to the hockey by the team gear they were wearing. This at least got us to the stadium, but we still didn’t know which door we were meant to be entering through.

As we circumnavigated the stadium we came across a merchandise store. Also in this building was a supermarket, which was below road level. We went into the hockey merchandise store and had a good look around. We wanted to at least look the part of a fan, even if we didn’t support either team. We both got some Toronto Maple Leaf shirts and hats, plus Kim got a really cool looking beanie. I was eyeing off a commemorative hockey puck, but decided not to get it.

Once we got our stuff we headed for the supermarket to try and find a toilet and something to drink. At the bottom of the escalator Kim broke a fingernail. It was a really bad break and it did bleed a bit. The supermarket was set out really strange, almost as if you only went one way through it. We had a hard time navigating in the store, but while we roamed the isles we noticed a bar of some sort just outside the supermarket area. We eventually found our way out and went into the bar. It was a rather nice bar and we found some comfortable seats and sat down for a minute or two. We took it in turns to go and get changed into our maple Leafs gear in the toilets.


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