Toronto vs Montreal

Once we were suitably attired in Toronto Maple Leafs gear, we headed back upstairs. We wondered around and finally just followed a heap of other hockey fans and got into a line that was going into the building. Some guy came up to us and asked what we were lined up for and I had to reply “I have no idea”. The area we were going into also had a sort of tailgate party going on, with a stage and entertainment.

We finally got inside and found our seats. By good luck we actually went in the correct door for our seats. The seats were good, up on the second level right at the edge looking down on a corner. We could see the whole rink easily from here. We beat Marion and Andrew in which we wanted to do. The last thing we wanted was to tell them that we didn’t know how to get in and nearly got lost.

While we sat there in the stadium it became apparent as to just how cold it was in there. I only had a shirt and my vest on and I was freezing. Kim also only had a shirt on, but we both had long sleeve Maple Leaf shirts with us. Kim showed off her skills here by putting the long sleeve shirt on, under her short sleeve shirt, without leaving her seat. It was much the same action as removing her bra without taking her shirt off, but in reverse. I on the other hand couldn’t do that so I went to the toilets and took care of it.

The game was pretty good, but not rough enough for us. It started with bagpipes on the ice, which always happens, for the first game of the season. There was also plenty of light effects and the introduction of all the players. Toronto won 3-2 but it wasn’t a fantastic display of skills. We enjoyed the fact that we had a vocal Toronto supporter behind us, who gave us a bit of a running commentary of the game. He was entertaining. “Go Leafers”, “That’s it”, “Hit him”, were some of the phases he was using.

Kim bought a pretzel to eat and we each tried one bite and then threw it away. It wasn’t nice!

At the end of the game I needed to relieve myself. Andrew just wanted to leave, but weight of numbers over ruled him. Then Kim and Marion went as well.

I wanted to duck back into the merchandise store and get the souvenir puck that I didn’t get earlier. As we left the stadium we were a few metres away from Marion and Andrew, we were directly in front of them as we exited the building. We stopped and waited for them. We were standing less than ten metres away, with no one between us. I waved my arm above my head and they looked right at me, but they didn’t see me. I’m not exactly small, but they couldn’t see me. Perhaps if Andrew had put his box of Crunch N Munch down he would have seen us. I told Kim that I would just go in quickly and get the puck and be out as fast as I could. I wasn’t in there long at all as I knew exactly where the pucks were and that was the only thing I wanted.

Two things happened while I was in the store getting the souvenir puck. Number one, Marion and Andrew left us. The other was that Kim gave all our lose change to a homeless guy. He was asking for change, but he got more than he expected. Kim says it made his day.

When I returned she told me that they had just left us. I couldn’t believe it, but sure enough they were gone. We headed back inside and got directions to the train station. We made our way down there not knowing what time the train was leaving or which platform it was leaving from. We also didn’t know whether Marion and Andrew would be there, but part of me didn’t care. Them leaving us was the last straw, I was done with them.

We made it to the train station and we were about to find out which platform we were meant to be heading for, when we saw Marion and Andrew were doing the same thing. Thankfully, once again we were able to sit away from them on the ride back to the other train station. They talked to some lady and her son the whole way while Andrew ate his Crunch N Munch. They would talk to a corpse! (He doesn’t say much, does he Marion?)

We took a taxi from the train station back to Marion and Andrew’s. Andrew couldn’t help himself, he had to talk about the cost of the taxi to the station earlier that day. Funny enough, the cost of the taxi back to their place, without detours, cost exactly the same, but there were no comments about that. Plus, once again they mentioned the very dark street that they lived on. I think both of us could have strangled them about then.

When we got back to Marion and Andrew’s apartment I started packing, while Kim watched the rerun of the botched morning show shout out to us. It took a long time for it to come on so she was out there for quite a while. In the mean time I had gotten my bag packed to its full weight, then Kim came in. I had forgotten to pack something in my bag, and said in a poor tone for her to pack it. We didn’t speak much for the rest of the night after that. We both knew it wasn’t our fault that we were like that, it was the environment we were in that drove us to it. We forgave each other quickly and moved on to enjoy the rest of our honeymoon.


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