Sandwich swap and Times Square

We started our first full day in the big apple a little later than we probably should have. We slept in, which was a very nice change. After the less than comfortable bed in Toronto it was nice to stretch out and sleep in comfort. It was a beautiful sunny day in New York so we dragged ourselves out of bed and headed out for the day.

Before we left the hotel for the day we saw the concierge. While I was standing there I saw they offered Jersey Boys tickets so when I got the chance I asked if they had any left. We managed to book tickets for that night. As well as dinner reservations at a very nice restaurant, which I think was called Capital Steak. That all put us on a bit of a time frame which made the day a little harder, but for the time being we headed out to see the city.

We were heading up town via the subway, which was just outside the hotel. We actually had three or four subway station platforms around our hotel so getting around was pretty easy. The subway was quite easy to use and safe. the newest subway cars were used on our standard routes which was good as they are easier to use. They have a running notice board telling you which stop is next, that means you don’t have to try and hear what the conductors are saying in their garbled speech.

Our first stop was 34th street and Herald Square. According to Brian we should have come out of the subway and seen the Empire State Building. I didn’t see the Empire State Building, but Kim saw the New York Fossil store. I knew the Fossil store was in the area and I had planned to take Kim to it, but I didn’t expect to come out of the subway and have the first thing I hear to be “Fossil”. Fossil was our first stop in New York and we purchased a lot of things from them. They were very nice in the store which is completely foreign to us back home, they really know customer service. After we bought everything from the store we headed further up town.

We found a small diner a little further up town so we stopped and had some lunch. We both got different sandwiches and sat down inside the diner to eat. Kim liked the look of my sandwich and proposed a swap halfway through. My sandwich was amazing and I was enjoying every bite of it, but I decided to agree to Kim’s proposal. We swapped sandwiches and I got the raw end of the deal. Kim’s sandwich was not very good. She enjoyed what was left of my sandwich.

After lunch, and finishing Kim’s inferior sandwich, we walked into Times Square which was just one block over from us. It was a happening place. They have closed some of the lanes down for pedestrians which was good and made it easier to get around. It was here that I started taking photos without looking through the view finder. This style captured some very different images which intrigued me. It was fun to capture images and then see what the camera was pointing at. It gave me more of a chance to look around instead of my eye stuck to the view finder.


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