House Extension

One year ago today, we broke ground on our house extension. We had been planning the extension for nearly two years at that point. We had plans drawn up and then we scraped those plans and redesigned everything again. We were extending from a modest 2 bedroom house, that was a nice size for my wife and I. To a 3 bedroom sprawling manor fit for an expanding family. We essentially doubled the size of the house. We moved the kitchen, dinning and lounge into the extension and added a grand master bedroom with walk in robe and ensuite to the existing structure.

Construction started with the excavation for the footings. It was soon found that we would need a large retaining wall to hold up the side of the hill. This caused a delay to the building, but it created the great wall of Kings Meadows.

The structure started to shoot up out of the ground quickly once the retaining wall was finished. There were delays due to poor weather, but things were going along at a good pace.

The projected finish date soon came and went which caused some tension. The builders gave us an unrealistic time frame, but the main thing was that it was being built. It was a stressful time, but I think any build would be stressful at some point. At the end of the build we parted with our builder on very good terms and are very pleased with the results.

We would recommend out builders to anyone. They are very good at what they do. We haven’t had anyone say a bad thing about the build and quality of the house. Most people can’t believe how seamlessly the two halves flow together. Our builder was Glenn Donaldson and his crew. His brother Hank did a lot of work on the house, as did all of his guys.

These plans changed slightly as the build progressed. The biggest change was to the master bedroom, which was completely redesigned by us to flow better. The plans above give an idea of what the house looks like.


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