Top of the Rock

The day was getting late and we decided not to explore Central Park anymore that day. We thought we might get back there on the last day for a while before we had to leave. We started towards Rockefeller plaza. We were both getting tired and there was still plenty to do and see. While we lined up to get tickets for the top of the rock we noticed we could get tickets for the Tutankhahmun exhibition. Kim didn’t want to get the tickets because we didn’t have time to get there today. I got them anyway which didn’t please her. She was very tired but kept on going. We made our way into the building and up through the many cues. We had our picture taken on a RSJ with the New York skyline in the back ground. A very cheesy shot, but that is what you do when you are in these types of iconic places.

Once we got up to the top there were a lot of people around making it harder to take photos. Kim had pretty much cracked it by then and was in a mood. I took a rather good photo of her while she was sitting on a window sill looking fed up with everything. I thought I had taken the photo without her noticing, but she knew I took it but didn’t care. She likes that photo now, but she might have taken my head off at the time. We didn’t stay at the Rock for long. We grabbed the subway and returned to our hotel.

Upon returning to our hotel I got the tickets and reservation receipt from the concierge. I also got directions to the restaurant (Capital Grille on 51st Street). We wanted to rest but the time frame was too tight. We got changed and immediately headed back out for dinner and got lost up town. The map that I was given wasn’t correct which put us well behind time for dinner. Once we got there they had given our table away, but I asked them if they could possibly fit us in and they found us another table. We mentioned that it was our honeymoon and when we got to the table they spruced it up with some love heart decorations and gave us a free wine. We didn’t have the heart to tell them we didn’t drink. We told them that we had tickets for Jersey Boys and they got us fed in a very fast time. It was a shame we had to rush as the steak was the best steak I have ever eaten. And the mash potatoes were just as good, smooth and creamy, every bite melted in your mouth. It was a wonderful experience. Considering we were late, they really looked after us. They showed us what real service should be like, which is something we lack in Tasmania.

Jersey Boys was fantastic! I’ve never been a big fan of musicals, but I was blown away by the performance. We have an amateur theatre company in Launceston that does a pretty good job at musicals, but I doubt they could ever do Jersey Boys justice. Kim had seen Jersey Boys in Melbourne with the Australian cast and thought they were a little better. I can’t make that claim. But if they were better then they must have been good.

During intermission we were approached by a couple who were sitting in separate rows. They wanted to know if the seats around us were taken. The tickets they had purchased were as close together as they could get, but they couldn’t get two right next to each other. We said that the seats are probably reserved for hotel reservations, so if no one was in them by now they are probably empty. As a result we moved along one seat so the couple could sit together.

At the end of the show there were limos waiting for patrons outside the exits. I contemplated getting a limo back to the hotel, but opted for the subway instead. I figured the experience of travelling on the subway at night would be better than spending a heap of money on a car ride. I was a little on guard as we entered the subway. Nothing happened, but I was well aware of everyone around us.

The first full day in New York was very good, but it was a very long day.


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