Staten Island Ferry and the Statue of Liberty

We walked to the Staten Island Ferry terminal after looking at Battery Park. Brian had told us that this is the best way to see the statue of liberty as it is free and less crowded. It was early so getting on the ferry was fairly easy, but it was still a bit of a rush to get on. We headed to the left and went up to the top. We found it to be quiet on that side because it is the wrong side to be on to see the statue of liberty. I did head across to try and get a shot, but there were too many people to get through to see anything properly. I did manage to get a quick shot of her, but it is out of focus. Kim stayed on the left side of the ferry, so I returned to her and we sat there for the rest of the trip across to Staten Island.

On the Staten Island side we either had to rush to get onto the other ferry to immediately return to Manhattan, or wait for about 30 minutes for the next ferry. I started to walk towards the return ferry, but Kim didn’t want to rush, so we spent some time at the terminal. The terminal building was quite nice. We spent some of the time outside on an observation deck taking photos and taking a moment to stop and relax a little.

On the return trip we made sure we were on the right side to see lady liberty. I did get a good shot of the statue this time but it was from distance. It was the best way to see her quickly and without much hassle, but it would have been nice to get up close and personal. Perhaps we will get closer if we every return to New York. Kim’s mood was improving by now as she was waking up fully.


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