Lower Manhattan and Wall Street

Upon our return to the Manhattan terminal we walked along the water front of the East River until we couldn’t go any further due to an overpass. At this point we headed back in towards Wall Street. We came across a ceremony which we respected and stayed still until they finished. It was a bunch of bikies paying respects to fallen comrades in the military. When we got to the other side of the ceremony we found a pink painted convertible which look pretty cool.

It didn’t take us long to find Wall street and the financial district. We were trying to find the Bull statue which we seemed to be going around but never actually seeing it. (we were always on one street over) We did eventually come across it and Bowling Green. The bull was swamped with tourists touching it and having their photos taken. They were even climbing on it to get photos. One kid was climbing underneath it and holding its balls in his hands. We managed only a few shots that didn’t have people in the way.

New York does a good job of supplying parks for the people. It seemed that if there was a spare bit of land, there would be a park on it. Bowling Green is like that. Stuck in the middle of the financial district between two streets, Bowling Green was a little oasis of green and flowers. We took a small break here before we headed of again. Kim got a photo of a very tight parking job here made by the smallest of cars. I got a shot of a red cap stretching his back on the park fence.


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