City Hall Park and Brooklyn Bridge

From here we walked up Broadway towards the City Hall park. We came across some squirrels being fed by a local which Kim loved. They were very friendly and she was able to get close to them. We were heading in this direction because I wanted to walk out on the Brooklyn Bridge. We found our way to the start of the walk way and followed everyone else that was heading that way. There were a lot of people there and the going was slow. The idea is for people to stay to the right of the right side going out across from Manhattan and on the way back be on your right of the left side. The other side is for bikes. Unfortunately with that many people there are bound to be some dumb asses and they strayed onto the wrong side of the paths. A couple times the bike riders had to yell out to get them to get out of there way.

The bridge was wonderful to walk out on, it is another place that we can say we have been. The architecture of the bridge is really something to see. We made it out to the first upright and took some photos there. I got some shots of Manhattan bridge which was further to the north on the East River. Kim got a shot of a large bike rider resting, it was a funny shot. I would have loved to go all the way across the bridge or maybe to the middle but that would have taken quite a lot of time so we didn’t do that. We headed back down into Manhattan. Once we got back onto the island we found a photo stand with some really nice prints of New York. We had been seeing plenty of these sorts of stands around New York and this time we decided to buy some prints.


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