Central Park Take 2 – Last Day in New York

Monday 11th, October. Our last half day in New York still had quite a bit packed into it. The day started with check-out. When we checked out we also booked an airport transfer and put our bags into storage for a few hours. We wanted to post the prints and the drawing of us back home before we left the country so that was a priority for the morning. There was a UPS store just up street so we went in there first. They looked a little dodgy to me but we had no other option other than to go with them. As it turned out they were very good and the parcel made it home safe and sound.

After we had taken care of the parcel we went back to the subway station and caught a train to 72nd street and headed into Central Park. We hadn’t seen much of the park on the first day so we hoped to see a bit more on our last day. We wandered through Strawberry Fields and walked further into the park. We came across a hotdog stand and bought Kim a dirty water dog and a pretzel. The dog wasn’t great and I think Kim was sick later because of it. The pretzel was over salted but once we removed some of the salt it was quite nice. Much better than what we had in Toronto. We sat next to the lake eating and when we finished we headed around the lake towards Bow Bridge. We walked forever through the park after Bow Bridge, and it seemed like we were getting lost in there. We eventually came across Belvedere Castle and the Turtle Pond. From there we headed west towards the outer fence line. Kim was turned around and wasn’t sure where we were, but I had some idea. We came out of the park at 81st street and caught the subway to the Tutankhahmun exhibit. The subway cars this far up Manhattan were older than those we had been used to. They were more like the subway cars you see in the movies and TV shows.

We didn’t get to see everything in New York but we certainly crammed a lot into the short stay. One of the things we missed in New York was American Museum of Natural History. As we look back at google maps of our trip we realised that the American Museum of Natural History was right next to the 81st subway station. This was just one of the many things we came so close to during our honeymoon, but didn’t visit or see it. We will come back to New York one day and see more of this wonderful city.

The subway journey to the Tutankhahmun exhibit was pretty quick. I was thinking that it would be wonderful to photograph all of the artefacts on display, but the reality was completely different. As we entered we had to check our bags, which included all of our photography equipment as there were no photos allowed. In total there were two bags checked into their baggage counter, my camera back pack and Kim’s sling bag. I was a little disappointed, but it did allow us to actually enjoy the exhibit without trying to capture it on camera. The exhibit started with a dark room and a video display, before the large doors opened and we were presented with the first of many rooms of artefacts. It was amazing to see the craftsmanship and artistry of all the artefacts. Kim was thrilled to be seeing it all because she has a fascination with Egypt and Egyptian items.

The exhibit finished in the gift shop where we got photos of ourselves along with some other items. We then went back to the bag check area to claim our bags. There was a young guy behind the counter who looked a little out of it. I handed over our ticket and he went to grab our bags, which were on a high shelf. As he grabbed my camera bag he didn’t grab the sling bag. Due to this the sling bag fell to the ground from over six feet and landed on the floor. Kim’s sling bag had the Canon G10 and the video camera inside it, along with her other items. The guy was sort of sorry, but he was so out of it he didn’t really pick up on the sarcasm I was giving him. I was very annoyed about it all, but everything seemed to work so I didn’t worry about it.

As we left the exhibition and walked towards the subway we came across a small police car which is used by traffic cops at the side of the road. Kim wanted to have her photo taken with the car. I told her the cop would probably pose with her, but she didn’t want to ask, but we still got a photo with her next to the car.

Back at the hotel we had a little wait for the airport transfer, but we just sat downstairs in the hotel lobby. We did get a drink from the bar down there but the price of the soft drinks was insane. We only had the one drink. I was starting to get tired at this point, it was a case of stopping and letting myself rest. Once our car arrived and we were on our way, I pretty much passed out. Kim stayed awake to take photos.

Again, I can’t remember much about the airport. We sat in the terminal waiting for the flight in an area across from the departure gates, but still in our view. We took the time to go and freshen up in the toilets and then Kim went off and found some souvenirs. Once time had passed a little we went around the corner and got something for dinner. The place was packed and we were finding it hard to get somewhere to sit down, but finally a table opened up and we had dinner. Eventually the flight was called but due to our seats being near the front (on the exit row) we were one of the last to board. There were some people that tried to get aboard early but they got held to one side until it was their real turn. Because we were flying into Scotland there were plenty of Scottish people on the flight.

My seat was on the window at the exit row. There was room to stretch out in front of me but the door jutted out on my legs and made it a little tight to my left side. A huge thunder storm passed over as we taxied out onto the runway. This caused delays all over the airport as planes couldn’t take off in it. We were in a large line up of planes on the ground waiting for clearance. The lightning was fantastic to see and the rain was coming down in sheets. At one point the plane was parked over a puddle of water and the engines made the water spiral up in intricate patterns. I never take my camera out on planes because I don’t want to cause any problems, but I wish I had on this occasion. After about an hour of sitting and taxing up and down the runways we finally took off for the UK. It was sad to leave North America behind us as we had so much fun during our stay, but we had the UK to come so we were also excited. Goodbye North America!


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