Goodbye USA, Hello UK

We left New York late on the 11th of October as a storm rolled through the city. We were waiting on the runway for about an hour, but then we were in the air heading towards the UK. We had a good six hour flight to Edinburgh. We both watched movies for the entire flight. I got through two movies and well into a third before we landed. We thought that more Americans or people from the UK should do this flight of a weekend, as it isn’t that long and you could be in either the greatest city in the world (New York), or amongst the history and culture of the UK.

I mentioned in the Toronto chapter that I was worried that Kim’s Aunt and Uncle, Avril and David, might be like Marion and Andrew. I think Kim knew what I was thinking and told me in Toronto that they are nothing like Marion and Andrew. I was pleased to hear that, and it was absolutely true! I don’t think they could be any more different from each other.

Tuesday 12th, October. The weather was fine but a little overcast in Edinburgh, which was fairly normal for the UK. We were met at the airport by Avril and David. It was good of them to meet us there as it was quite early when we landed and they had to drive some distance to the airport. Anyway it was all hugs for Kim and a handshake for me from David. I had thought that there was a chance that when we got to Scotland we would be going up to St Andrews on the first day. Thankfully Avril and David had planned things a little differently. We spent the day at their place taking it easy and relaxing. It was the first day we had off in the entire trip and it was nice.

Avril is a wonderful cook and we didn’t go hungry at all during our stay. The first day we were introduced to her Cappuccino Cake which would soon become Colin’s Cappuccino Cake. David had to go out for something on that first day and Kim and I went and had a nap. Kim woke up before me feeling like a tractor had run over her. She sat down stairs with Avril watching TV. Hann, the dog, kept Kim company on the couch as they watched TV. They did some washing that day which was much needed after our visit to New York. I continued to sleep which was such a nice thing to do.

That night Garry, Sam and Lila were meant to be coming around for dinner, but they were a no show. It was getting late and they still weren’t there and they hadn’t called to tell Avril and David that they would be late. However, Avril and David thought that they would still turn up just as dinner was being served and that is what happened. They came, they ate and they left. We had an early night that night.


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