St Andrews

Wednesday 13th, October. We woke up a bit late this morning and it was too late for a full breakfast. It was a fine day, but overcast. David got his road map and BT laptop out to figure out where we were going today. From those actions I already knew that they were more organised than Marion and Andrew. The plan was to go to St Andrews today. We stopped off and got some drinks and some crisps for breakfast. When we got to St Andrews David asked me if I knew how to get to the course. I said I had an idea, just head towards the water and we should get to it. The first time I saw the Old Course and the club house was awesome. I was like a little kid and I couldn’t take a good photo to save myself. Finding a parking spot was difficult but after going around the car park several times we found a spot. I wasn’t feeling well; I think I picked up something on the plane flight over. My first stop at the Old Course was the toilet, not my favourite way to see St Andrews. Our next stop was the golf museum for the Open. It was interesting looking at the history behind the open and at the equipment that was used in the past. One of the really interesting things was at the end of the exhibit where you got to use the old clubs on a large putting green. The old wooden putter was very different to my Odyssey. You really have to give the putt a big hit to get the ball to move anywhere.

We wandered around the club house and saw a few people teeing off. I wish I could have hit a ball down there. The course doesn’t look like much but it has so much history behind it and I know how difficult it can be. The famous 18th green also looked so much smaller than what it does on TV. We met up with Avril and David again and started looking for a store where I could get some St Andrews gear. We found a place just up the street where the prices where much more reasonable compared to those right next to the course. We got some gear and I was happy. We found a nice shirt that would have been good but it had some staining on it. Avril said she would be able to wash it out so we bought it for a discounted price. I also wanted to see St Andrews Castle and Abbey while we were there. We had no idea how to get to them but we drove around and managed to find some things. David took a wrong turn down a narrow lane and had to back all the way out of the tight space. I was impressed but Kim wasn’t. He got himself into it he had to get himself out of it. Kim claims that I had a man crush on David.

Kim and I got out of the car and took some photos of the Abbey ruins, while Avril and David looked for somewhere to park. From there we walked along the coastline to the castle. It would cost us to get into the castle ruins so we decided not to worry about it. We got a few photos through the fence and then headed back to the main road to meet Avrill and David. On our way home from St Andrews Kim desperately needed to go to the toilet. David tried to make some joke about it but no one laughed. He asked how desperate it was to find a toilet, which I answered, about 5-10 minutes at the most. There was total quiet for the trip until we found Kim a place to go. Kim saw a shed with Rippin’ Chick on it, but couldn’t say anything because she didn’t want to lose her concentration. We went into one little town but couldn’t find anywhere for Kim to go. We eventually found a pub and David and Kim headed in. David had half a pint and Kim got some relief. The rest of the day was taken nice and easy back at Avril and Davids.


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