Dunkeld Bridge over the River Tay

We stopped at a small pub for lunch. The pub/town was situated over the river which was traversed by a stone bridge. I later got a shot of the bridge from the river edge. Hann stayed in the car while we had lunch. The lunch was nice and the pub was nice and quiet. Just to mention it, I used the facilities of the pub before we left. The urinal was extremely high and I was only just above the lip. They must be big guys in this town. After lunch we headed back to Avril and David’s, but David had to stop and talk to his chainsaw man. He went in to talk and left the rest of us in the car. It seemed to be taking a very long time for him to finish up so Avril talked me into honking the horn to get him moving. I honked the horn and some guy came out of a different building thinking someone was honking for him. That was a little embarrassing. David eventually came back out to the car in his own time.


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