Stirling to Glasgow

Friday 15th, October. This morning we were getting ourselves organised to go to Glasgow for the day. Once again it was overcast, but otherwise fine. Avril drove us to the station in Alloa but we found that the train wasn’t stopping here today. Thankfully she hadn’t left yet  as she was going to do some shopping at the ASDA. She was good enough to drive us to the Stirling train station. When we got to the Stirling station we were running a bit late for the train we wanted. Kim wasn’t feeling the best, similar to what I was going through at St Andrews, so we took our time and caught the next train. We sat in the small waiting room till the train arrived then we headed out to the platform.

Glasgow station was pretty big. The first thing both of us wanted to do when we got there was go to the toilet. We headed towards them only to find you had to pay to use them. 30p to pee! We didn’t have any coins on us so we did the next best thing, we left the station and went to a pub. I went in first and then Kim. We had to buy drinks but at least we got something for our money. We sat there drinking with bloody Neighbours playing on the TV behind us!


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