Charles Rennie Mackintosh

I had printed out some maps of Glasgow showing the Charles Rennie Mackintosh architecture in the city. We arrived at Queen Street Station which is right on the doorstep of George Square. We took some photos in George Square and made our way in the direction of the Willow Tearooms which is a Rennie Mackintosh building displaying his work. I had a fair idea of where we were heading but Kim was turned around. As we walked I found that I had bumped the settings on my camera and all the shots were coming out wrong. I missed a few shots that I wouldn’t get back again because of that. I made sure I checked the setting on my camera more often after that. We were going okay but it was a bit of a walk. Kim was getting crabby because she needed to go to the toilet again. I swear when we came onto the street that the Willow Tearooms was on we weren’t very far from them, but Kim was on a mission and went to her right instead of her left and started looking for somewhere to go. We had walked a good distance down the street/mall when I spied a coffee shop with a toilet. We ducked in there and Kim was relieved.

We headed back up the street towards the Willow Tearooms after that. It was a small building with many levels. The Tearooms were on the second level with an open view of the downstairs Mackintosh gift shop. We made our way upstairs to the Tearooms and got lead to a small table. I had my camera bag on and camera out around my neck. The room was too small to be lugging all that stuff around as I would be hitting the other patrons with my bag, so I decided to take my pack off. In doing so I hit the lens cap of my camera off and it hit the floor. I bent down to pick it up but the weight of everything I was carrying put me off balance and I had to stop myself from falling over by putting all my weight onto my right thumb. I heard a popping noise and it hurt quite a bit but thankfully I didn’t break anything. My thumb hurt for the rest of the day and swelled up that night. It was sore for most of the remainder of the trip.

I can’t remember what Kim had for lunch but I had a potato with cheese and bacon, which was nice. The decor of the Tearooms was all Rennie Mackintosh design including the seats. The seats were old and wooden and I felt a little uneasy sitting in them with my large body, but nothing broke. Before we left Kim needed to go to the bathroom again. Apparently she had to go up several floors before she found an unoccupied toilet. We also bought some souvenirs before we left which included a Mackintosh designed mirror panel. We weren’t sure if we could get it back to Australia undamaged, but we thought we would give it a try. I had seen them while we were eating lunch as the middle of the room was open to the downstairs. I decided then that we would be getting it regardless of how we would get it home.


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