Our Glasgow journey still had a bit to go which meant a lot of walking. The footpaths and roads in Glasgow aren’t the greatest with pot holes and uneven walkways. Kim found it difficult with her ankle. The walking continued for quite some time as we followed the maps and found different bits of Mackintosh architecture. We walked up to the school of art, which is a Mackintosh design, then back down the hill on the other side heading back into the centre of Glasgow.

On our wanderings we came across several Kilt shops. I was sort of wanting to try one on and Kim wanted to see me in one so we eventually went into one of the stores. The sales assistant was a bit pushy and also a little rude but we tried a kilt on nonetheless. It wasn’t a very good kilt as it sort of stuck out as if it was too stiff. Kim told me later that if it was a proper kilt that it would just hang down because it is made of heavier material. As nice as it would have been to buy a kilt and accompanying items, we wouldn’t have been able to ship it back without it costing a fortune. And where would I wear it?


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