Glasgow to Stirling

We headed towards the train station after the kilt shop and came across another mall type area. I think it was here that we started the useless pursuit of finding me another pair of shoes. Little did we realise just how fruitless and futile this would be. None of the stores had anything in my size.

We also saw a store with heaps of old sewing machines lining the store windows. I thought it must be a big sewing machine store, but it was actually a clothing store. We also went into a craft store and as Kim left she set off the alarm. I was beginning to need a toilet at that stage. Kim kept walking through the sensors till the store security were sure she wasn’t stealing something. It turned out that the barcode thing in her Kathmandu jumper was setting it off.

As my camera settings were wrong earlier in the day I took the opportunity of being in George Square again. Kim decided she had walked enough so I headed through the square taking photos again. I don’t think they were as good as they would have been from earlier in the morning, but at least I have photos of the place.

As we entered the train station again we were both needing the toilet. I was worst off at the point so I took the coins we had and paid my 30p to pee. In doing so we didn’t have the correct change for Kim. She went to the coffee store next to the toilets and bought some things and made sure she got some change. It’s quite a rip off having to pay to pee!

There are only so many tracks leading into a station so many trains end up being on the same start line. There was a long line up of trains on the track we were supposed to be getting on. We walked down the line and got onto the train we thought was ours, but it turned out that our train was a couple cars further up the line. We got on our train without any further incident but we very nearly caught the wrong train.

The train pulled in at the Alloa station and we alighted the train. This is where the train was supposed to leave from that morning but there was something stopping it then. That problem had been rectified in the afternoon. We followed the instructions Avril had given us for getting back to there place. It required us to call for a taxi on the courtesy phone in the store.

We wanted to get Avril and David something for putting us up and showing us around so before we called the taxi we did some quick shopping. Kim liked the look of a coat but there were no mirrors so I took a photo and showed her that. We didn’t get the coat.

The time came and I rang for a taxi. We could see others being picked up just outside the store entrance and this is where we waited. We looked rather out of place compared  to the locals. We were seriously the most attractive people in that area and by far the best dressed. We stood there waiting and waiting as other people got their taxis in what seemed to be a much faster time than us. Eventually about 45 minutes had passed and I got Kim to call Avril and see if she could pick us up because I think both of us had had enough of this part of town. When we saw Avril pulling up in the car park we literally ran to her and jumped inside the car. We were so glad to be out of there, it wasn’t funny!


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