Rosslyn Chapel

Once we had the new camera and hard drive we continued driving towards Edinburgh. I set the G11 up so Kim could use it just like she used the G10. I also put the G10 camera strap on the new camera as the one provided wasn’t as good. David continued driving south of Edinburgh towards Rosslyn Chapel, made famous by Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code novel and movie. As we drove into the car park we were directed to a spot by one of the staff. This is a great idea for an attraction with such a high volume of visitors, it really speeds things up. Once we paid and got into the grounds of the chapel we started taking pictures. Rosslyn Chapel is an unfinished church that would have been quite sizeable if finished. What is there is only the top of a standard cross-shaped church. It is unfinished because they ran out of funding. The craftsmanship of the building is extraordinary with a lot of intricate stonework. The building is being restored so portions of the exterior were covered with scaffolding, which didn’t help the photos, but we still got some good shots.

Inside the chapel we weren’t allowed to take any photos, which was a real shame. I can understand why they don’t want photos taken inside the chapel anymore.The chapel is suddenly on the world map due to it’s use in the Da Vinci Code so there are a lot of people visiting this site now taking photos. If they allowed everyone to photograph the interior, they wouldn’t be able to sell photos of the site in the gift shop. We went downstairs into a small chamber where we could have taken a photo, but I chose not to. I’m sure if I did I would have been caught, plus I wanted to respect their rules. As I came up the stairs out of the room I nearly tripped and fell due to the high steps.

Before we left Rosslyn Chapel I got a photo of Avril looking special trying to warm up between Kim and David.

From Rosslyn Chapel we drove into the middle of Edinburgh. David was using their GPS unit to find where we were meant to be going. There was a lot of conjecture over whether or not the GPS would be able to do the job, but it put us right on the money. Our accommodation, The Fat Rooster Apartments, was in a gated apartment block so we had to park across the road from the gate I got out and headed over to see if the code would work. Thankfully it did. We then ferried the luggage across and with Davids help we got into our unit. The accommodation was a bed/lounge area with a small bathroom/toilet and a kitchenette. It was in an apartment block in the middle of Edinburgh with the Castle looking down on it. For our purposes it was in a fantastic position and was more than adequate. We said our goodbyes to Avril and David one at a time as I hadn’t brought the code out with me and wasn’t sure I could remember it. They told Kim to look after me and told me to look after Kim. It was sad to see them go, but we still had plenty of our honeymoon to look forward to.


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