First Night in Edinburgh

After a short break in the apartment, where we ate some Cappuccino Cake, we headed out for the Royal Mile. We were booked in for a tour of Mary Kings Close that evening so we wanted to find the tour building and have a look around. It had been pretty overcast for most of the day but when we came out of the apartment the clouds had cleared and the sun was shining on Edinburgh Castle. We got some simple shots of that. When we booked the apartment we were sceptical of the photos on the website that showed Edinburgh Castle clearly visible right outside of the apartment door, but there it was.

The streets of Edinburgh were nice to walk along. They were a little step in places but, for the most part it was easy to walk. The castle is at the top of a hill and the city is built around it. We were thinking about getting something to eat before the tour, but we weren’t sure when we would do that as we had a late tour. Just a short walk a minute or so from our apartment was a sort of mall off the street with heaps of eating and drink establishments. We had a look as we walked by, but nothing really appealed to us. Just around the corner on the way up to the Royal Mile we came across a novelty shop. I don’t know why but I wanted to go in and have a look. It really wasn’t worth it but it filled in some time. We did more window shopping as we walked until we reached the end of that street which is when I heard Bagpipe music in the distance. I was like a blood hound searching for the source of the music and I didn’t have to go far before we saw it. There he was, a lone piper on the Royal Mile, piping and having his picture taken for money (busking). I got my photo taken with him! It was a thrill to hear bagpipes playing in Scotland. It might be a little cliche, but I was pleased by it.

We walked down the Royal Mile past some wonderful old buildings and architecture. One of the most impressive buildings was St Giles Cathedral with its crown spire, similar to that at Wallace’s Monument. Just past the cathedral we found the tour office for Mary Kings Close. We had a quick look inside and double checked our booking. It was all good. We kept walking down the Mile and came across a Nessie experience. It was a dodgy 3D film experience. We decided to give it a look as we would be up in Nessie country in a couple weeks. It was okay but dodgy. Both of us were nearly falling asleep while watching it. It is surprising just how quick we can drop off to sleep when we stop for a while.

There was plenty of time to have dinner after the dodgy 3D Nessie experience. We walked down the Mile to Cockburn Street and had a look for some eating places. There was a pub near the Royal Mile intersection but we didn’t go in. We ended up in a pub a little further down the street called The Malt Shovel Inn. It was rather nice in there and we had a very good meal for a very reasonable price. We sat there for some time before we left to hike back up to the Mile. On our walk back up Cockburn Street we saw a really different restaurant on the top floor of a cool looking building. The top floor sort of jutted out from the rest of the old building and inside was the restaurant. It looked particularly interesting with the moon shining behind it. I tried to get a photo using the damaged G10 but couldn’t manage it. I tried the G11 as well but I really needed my SLR and a tripod.


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