Edinburgh Castle

Monday 18th, October. It had been a while since I last shaved so I felt like I needed a shave that morning. This was the first paid accommodation in the UK and I found that there were no normal power sockets in the bathroom. I ended up shaving in the kitchenette with a hall mirror propped up so I could see what I was doing. While I was shaving Kim had a shower. She called out to me to see if there were any towels in the storage cupboard, but there were none. The towels supplied to us were no bigger than a hand towel. Drying ourselves was like a scene out of Planes, Trains and Automobiles where Steve Martin has a face washer to dry himself.

Today we were going to Edinburgh Castle. It was another easy walk from our apartment up to the Royal Mile and onwards to the Castle. In front of the castle they were deconstructing the stands from the Military Tattoo. I was surprised that this was the place it was held as it is quite steep. It doesn’t look steep on the TV. It also explained the sign I saw at Mary Kings Close titled “Tattoo Office”. I thought it was an office for tattoos, I didn’t realise it was referring to the military tattoo.

The day was overcast with a little rain but it didn’t stop us. There was quite a line up of people waiting for tickets to get into the castle, which we completely bypassed because we had the heritage passes. We spent quite a lot of time looking around the castle and grounds. I found a good photo op in the cannon area which I would have loved to take, but I couldn’t get a clear shot for a couple stupid tourists. They were trying to get a photo of the Scottish flag but they were useless. They were nearly ready to move off when more stupid tourists turned up so I gave up on the shot and moved on. We went into the war memorial which covers all the conflicts over the years. There was a policy of no cell phones in the building, which was a very good rule, but there was one moron who didn’t turn his phone off. His phone rang and he answered it. That could be excused as a simple case of forgetting it was on, but he started talking to the person on the other end of the phone. The architecture of the building caused his voice to echo throughout the interior so that everyone could hear his conversation. He was asked to leave by security.

We had a nice lunch in the cafe and we were served by an Australian. It was his first day and he seemed to know what he was doing. We also took some muck around photos while we sat there. I was using the G10 again as I was liking the limitations it put on me which made me think about the shot more. (I still used the SLR everywhere else) I tried to take a big panorama of Edinburgh. I have no idea how many shots I took but the two times I tried the light changed on me so some of the shots were in the sunlight and others were in overcast conditions.

Kim wanted to show me the Scottish Crown Jewels, which are housed in the castle. It was a long and slow walk up to see them as the route twisted and turned through the building and there were plenty of tourists getting in the way. Unfortunately no sooner had we got to the Jewels that Kim had to leave to answer the call of nature. I stayed for a little longer but soon followed her out. I ended up sitting in the courtyard waiting for her while freezing my butt off. Once she came back we left the castle. Of course as we left the castle, we made a stop in the castle gift shop and bought some souvenirs. We found a great Highland Coo hat but we didn’t get it. That was a shame as it really suited Kim. She looked so cute in it.


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