Princes Street Park and The Scots Monument

We left the Camera Obscura and headed down the hill off the Royal Mile towards the centre of the city. The walk was nice if not a bit steep in places. We made it down to Princes Street Park, which is right next to the train station. The train station is at one end of the park and the art gallery is at the other. About halfway through the park is the Scots Monument, a tall gothic looking thing that towers above the nearby buildings. Apparently they started to clean it in 2009, but they found the monument was falling apart because of the cleaning so they stopped. It is now predominately black in colour except for the cleaned patches all over it. The day was getting on by now and we still had to checkout of our apartment so we decided to head towards the train station and grab a taxi. We saw another Piper busking near the station. We didn’t stop this time but he was getting plenty of people who did. Before we caught the taxi we had a look in the shopping mall next door. There wasn’t anything of interest in there so we grab the cab and went back to finish packing and checkout.


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