Carlton Hill Park

Once we returned to the apartment we still had some time before we needed to checkout, so we relaxed a little and got our bags ready to travel. Once we checked out I called the taxi cab company and they had a car to us in no time. He took us back to the train station and we found our way inside. We did take a couple wrong turns which meant we had to walk further than we wanted to, but we got there in the end. We grab our tickets from the ticket machine, but they didn’t tell us which platform the train was going to be on. We were so early that our train didn’t even come up on the boards. We were taking the overnight sleeper train to London from Waverly Station in Edinburgh. We managed to get some answers from a help desk about where we were meant to be later that night, but the lounge we were looking for wouldn’t be open until 9pm. We had several bits of luggage with us and we really didn’t want to be lugging all of that around while we waited. We found the bag storage area and they wanted $7 pounds per item. We gave then 3 of our bags to store and we took the other 3 with us (two backpacks and a multi use type handbag).

We headed out onto Princes Street to try and find somewhere to eat and to fill in time. We walked along the street and made it to Carlton Hill Park, which we thought we would check out. The day had improved at this point and the sun was shining down on us. There were some nice monuments up there along with a very good view of the city. One of the monuments was a partially built replica of the Parthenon called the National Monument. It was only partially completed because they had run out of money and they never got around to finishing it. We also caught the sunset while we were in the park. Kim got a very nice silhouette of the city and the spires with the sun in the background. It was the best shot of that type either of us took. She says it was because I told her what would look good in the shot. She also took another shot that showed more of the city along with the shadows cast by the sunset. The jpeg of the file didn’t look fantastic, but I have since extracted a much better photo from the raw file.

As the sun went down the day became very cool again so we left the park in search of somewhere to eat. We walked back down the street in the direction of the station and came across one pub that was promising, but upon entering we found it not to our tastes. In fact, we should have been tipped off by the guy standing outside the pub smoking, who didn’t move to let us enter. Anyway we walked a bit further down the street and found a little side road and followed that. Just up that road we found The Guildford Arms. This was a nice up market pub with a lovely feeling to it and a beautiful intimate restaurant upstairs. We had a Bru downstairs then headed up to get a table. There wasn’t a lot of space up there, which meant there weren’t a lot of people there. We had a small choice in seating and we choose a nice little spot with a booth type seat and normal seat on the other side. (Kim took the booth seat) We had plenty of room beside us to store the gear we were carrying with us. The meal there was wonderful with very good service. I rated this to be the best pub meal I had while we were away!


2 thoughts on “Carlton Hill Park

  1. smileysharnee

    Hey there Colin! 🙂
    WOW there really are some amazing pictures in this series…. my fav would have to be the setting sun behind the clock, and the blue fence and the one with the statues and the moon! AWESOME!!!
    Such a clever photographer you are! 🙂
    SMiles SHarnee 🙂

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