Sofitel St James London

After leaving Buckingham Palace we walked into Green Park and took some photos. We walked through the park and began to head back to the hotel in hopes of getting a room and a shower. It was a nice walk along the busy streets of London back to the hotel. I saw an interesting hotel along the way which required the taxis to reverse into it to pick up their fairs. We found our way back to the Sofitel St James and asked about our room. It wasn’t quite ready but we were welcome to wait, which we did. It didn’t take long and we were in our room relaxing and cleaning up. Our luxurious King room was at the very top of the building. The room was well proportioned with the king sized bed dominating the main living area. There were double doors that lead into our bathroom which had a full bath and shower. There were three windows in our corner suite, but the view was hard to see. The room had two features that were unique on our trip. One was a master light switch at the door. The second was an electronic door lock, instead of a more traditional manual lock. This lock also acted as a do not disturb sign as the staff were unable to enter when it was on. We didn’t spend too much time in our room as we still had a lot to see and do in London.


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