Hyde Park

Our first stop after freshening up was Harrods. Avril wanted a new Harrods apron and when we told Kim’s mother that she also wanted one. We went down stairs and had a cab hailed for us. It was a little harder for the valets to hail cabs at that time as there was construction work going on right outside the hotel. To get the cabs attention they would climb the barricades and hang from poles with their arm out. They certainly earned their money! The cabbie asked if we were going to spend up big at Harrods to which we replied no.

The Harrods building was big, grand and old, but the interior was modern. Each area had its own theme to it. I can’t remember them all but I do remember one area looking Egyptian in design. We wandered through the stores many floors looking at what they had. There were many things that would have been nice to buy but they were far too expensive. We found the aprons in the cooking section of the building. Kim wanted to also get a small kids apron for Lila so both Avril and Lila could wear them while they cooked. To get that apron we had to go downstairs to the gift area, we found we could have got them all in that area. Kim also got herself a Harrods carry bag with kittens on it.

When we left the store we were feeling a little hungry so we walked along trying to find somewhere to eat. To our left was Hyde Park which we wanted to have a look at, but first we would eat. We found a small café and had lunch before venturing into the park. We later found out there was a nice café in the park which we could have eaten at instead. As we walked towards the park we came across a bike hire system. As we had hired bikes in Vancouver we were keen to do the same thing in London and ride around Hyde park. The way it worked was you had to put your credit card in and pay then take your bike from the electronic bike stand. Unfortunately for us the system was having a fault today and you couldn’t hire the bike from there without another membership card. So we didn’t get to ride the park, but we might do it another time if we ever get back there.

Hyde Park actually has a dirt horse track around it. People had to walk across it to go through the park. We walked up to the edge of the lake and took some photos then we started to head in the direction of our hotel again. As we walked alone out of the park Kim was feeding the Squirrels. She actually got to pretty much hand feed one squirrel and I got it on camera. She was forever looking down in search of nuts for them. I think she hurt her neck a little doing that. Overhead the day was still nice and sunny, but behind us we could see there was a change coming and coming fast. We hadn’t made it out of the park and the sky opened up with rain. We sheltered under a tree for a few minutes and the rain cleared. We continued walking for some time and finally got back to Green Park.


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