Wellington Arch

We continued in the direction of our hotel passing all sorts of lovely buildings and parkways. We stopped at Wellington Arch and took some photos. It sits in the middle of a huge round-about and that is where we first heard a police siren. It seemed like the police car was going around and around the round-about with his siren blaring. It was probably multiple police cars at different times, but from that point on if we heard a siren we said they were still going around that round-about.

Once we got to Green Park I knew we weren’t too far from the hotel. Kim was still feeding the Squirrels and taking photos. There is a Diana memorial walk through Green and St James Parks with ornate markers in the walkway signifying that fact. I tried to get a good photo of them but they didn’t really come out. I found out that Kim had taken a photo of one during the day and it looks fantastic. Once again she had no idea exactly what she was doing, she just liked the lighting.

It wasn’t long after we exited the park when the rain returned. We managed to shelter under a store front with several other people. We stayed there as the heaviest part of the rain passed by then we kept on moving. We did stop again at another store before we made it back to the hotel. We didn’t realise at the time, but we were on Piccadilly as we exited Green Park. Our hotel was basically on Regent Street. These two streets converge at Piccadilly Circus, which was a place I wanted to see and photograph. Sadly we never got there. We were always close, but never close enough.


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