Lion King

Back at the hotel we were just starting to relax when the phone rang. It was reception asking us to turn the electronic door lock off, as there was someone at the door for us. We turned off the lock and there was someone at the door with a tray of juice bottles, glasses and an ice bucket. The deal I had booked the room under included either a bottle of wine or some chocolates. When we checked in I mentioned that we don’t drink but, a glass of orange juice would be fine. They sent us 8 bottles of juice! They also came in with a beautiful desert that said congratulations in chocolate. We didn’t want to eat it right away as we were getting ready to go out again to see the Lion King on stage. So we left it for later on to have with a late diner.

One thing I should mention here before the story goes too far. When we got into our room that morning we had some clothes that needed washing. The Sofitel did offer a laundry service, but they were asking a huge price per item, so Kim thought she would just wash our clothes in the bath and hang some of the clothes over the towel warmer to dry. There were two pairs of trousers and some smalls. The trousers were on the warmer and the smalls were on our travel clothes line strung up between the two doors to the bathroom. Before we left for Lion King the clothes line was taken down but it was still hanging on one of the door knobs. When we did leave the room I didn’t put the electronic “do not disturb” lock on the door, but I did turn the master switch off so all the power was off in the room.

We had done so much during the day that by the time we left for Lion King we didn’t have enough time for dinner. In fact I was watching the clock in the taxi as there was a deadline to pick up our tickets. The cabbie was wonderful. He took all these back streets and ally ways to get us to the Lyceum Theatre and he got us there in good time. I had no idea where to go to get our tickets but, I found someone to ask and he said that I could go in but, Kim couldn’t go with me. I told her to stay there and I would be right back. Thankfully the tickets were there and it all went smoothly. Our seats were just about perfect to watch the show. We were on the right of the left side, up in the balcony only a couple seats away from the edge. You could see every thing from there. The theatre was filling up fast with other people, families and children. I didn’t think that there would be so many children there, but I guess it is really a story aimed at children that adults also enjoy. The performance was spectacular! The performers actually came out into the audience at times which really put you in the action. For me, just like the film, I found the first half a little slow, but you need the first half to set up the second half. I must say however, the stampede in the first half was probably the best part of the show. They really did that well.

During the intermission we headed back downstairs to the souvenir shop and bought a heap of stuff. We would have done that at the start of the show but, we were running late and by the time we got there the place was packed with other people doing the same thing. During intermission we were the first down there, the first to buy anything and the first to get out of there. The second half of the show was wonderful and the cast got a huge ovation at the end. I am so glad we got to see this show in London. It really was a great experience and it will be remembered for some time.

When we left the theatre we stopped in a small store and got something to eat for dinner. We ended up having sandwiches for dinner which was a little bit of a come down when you think of where we were staying. (One of the best up market hotels in all of London) We returned to the hotel tired but pumped from a huge day in London. I unlocked our room and opened the door, and then I stopped. I thought to myself “I turned the power off when we left, why is there music playing and some lights on?” While we had been out the Sofitel staff had been busy setting up the room and turning down the bed. It was all very romantic with the subtle lighting and soft music playing on the TV. Kim was mortified as we had open bags on the floor from when we got into the room earlier in the day, and we had washing hanging up. It was a little embarrassing, but I’m sure they have seen it all before. There was a subtle hint about the washing with a laundry card on the side table for us to fill out.

We sat in this lovely room with the nice lighting and music playing eating our store bought sandwiches and drank the orange juice supplied earlier in the day. We finished off with the desert which had been given to us and it was sublime. What we thought was a mud cake with strawberries and other berries on it with a chocolate swirl, was actually something much better. It was chocolate moose with a biscuity base. That with the berries and chocolate was amazing. We each had half and when we finished we were both wishing we had more. We even ate the chocolate writing off the plate because it was so good.


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