Visual Wilderness – Detail

This months Visual Wilderness assignment has been “Detail”. I have spent the month searching for that one image that I am happy with that says “Detail” to me. Do you think I could find it? No!

I tried shooting all sorts of subjects in search of the “Detail” shot I would be happy with. I used various lenses, cameras, lighting, filters and techniques, but could not nail a shot I was completely happy with.

Why? That is a question I have asked myself constantly during the month. Perhaps I was using the wrong subject matter? Perhaps detail, I mean close in minute detail, isn’t my thing? I have taken detail shots in the past that could fill the assignment, but I want to push myself and take something new for each monthly assignment. Surely that is the best way to learn?

So with the month nearly over I bit the bullet and submitted an image I wasn’t entirely happy with, but at least I thought is was something interesting. I think there is something there that I haven’t fully captured.

Just to show that I have taken several images of detail this month I am going to post the other images I took that I sort of like. I think I was close at times to the image I was searching for, but I was never close enough.

I do think that I was pushing myself hard to take a great shot. Usually I let the scene or subject work with me and I can generally get a good result. I think there is something to be said for letting things happen. I wasn’t enjoying taking images this month mainly due to the fact that I was pushing hard for that great shot.

Over the weekend the family and I went to a nearby park and we had fun. I took some shots of waterfalls with no pressure to produce an image and it was great. I didn’t get a single shot I was happy with, but I was nonetheless happy. Taking the pressure off myself allowed me to enjoy the art of photography. I spent some time teaching my wife how to take long exposure shots and I played with my son. The best images of the day came when I was photographing my son playing on a slide.

As far as I am concerned the detail assignment is now over for me. I will still shot detail when I have the chance, but I won’t be forcing it anymore. If there is a shot there I will take it, but I won’t try and manufacture an image where there is none.

If you are interested in nature photography you should give Visual Wilderness a look. It might be just the place for you!


3 thoughts on “Visual Wilderness – Detail

  1. Betty Hodges

    Colin, I tend to agree with you – some things just shouldn’t be forced. It takes the enjoyment out of it entirely. I have a corresponding array of photos I took for the assignment that just didn’t DO anything for me. Still you did get some very interesting shots that were technically very good. I particularly liked the leaf with water droplets and the apple in high key.

  2. Colin Butterworth Post author

    Thanks, Betty. My wife has been telling me that I’m being to harsh on myself with my detail images. I can see what she mean’s but I still want more. It has been a good exercise and I will keep shooting detail. Perhaps next months assignment will be better for us?

  3. smileysharnee

    Dear Colin,
    can i just say how much i LOVE these pic’s!!! Of course I’m a HUGE fan of Nature so you’ve done a wonderful job! As for pushing, what a great lesson you have learnt!! It’s like us and our stamping mojo, sometimes it seems gone and just when you think it’s totally over and done you come out with something that amazes you and blows you away!!
    YOu’ll get there again with that shot you are happy with, until then enjoy the ride!!
    SMiles and hugs SHarnee šŸ™‚

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