Trafalgar Square and Big Ben

Wednesday 20th, October. The morning started with a full English breakfast in our room. I can’t remember all that was there but, I know I liked it. It was a good way to start the day as it was going to be another huge day walking and sightseeing in London.

Our first objective was to get to the London Eye which was just down the road and over the Thames. We walked down the street from the hotel to Trafalgar Square where we saw the National Museum building and Nelsons Column along with some other things in the square. I was hot that morning and only had my vest on with short sleeves. Kim on the other hand was rugged up and was still cold. I think she was colder just because she was looking at me in my vest wondering why I wasn’t cold. It wasn’t long after that, that we left Trafalgar Square and headed for the river. In doing so we crossed the road into the shade where I started to really feel the cold. It didn’t take long for me to put my jumper on.

Before we crossed the bridge to take us to the other side of the Thames we passed Big Ben and the Westminster Building. We took some photos and made our way across the bridge to the London Eye.


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