Thames Cruise

I had pre-booked tickets for the London Eye the day before to try and speed things up, which it did. We decided to also do the 4D London Eye experience, as the ticket office thought it best that we do the Thames cruise first and then the Eye when we returned. The cruise wasn’t going to leave for a while so the 4D experience was just the thing to fill in some time. It was a very good 3D/4D display. Ever since the 4D experience I have associated some of Coldplay’s music with London because they had one of their songs playing during the show. I was also thankful that Kim told me to put the lens cap on my camera before the show started. I put the camera away when she mentioned that which was good as 4D means there is a real element to the show and that was smoke (fog/clouds) and bubbles.

After the 4D experience we made our way down to the jetty to board the cruise on the Thames. It was a cold day, but we sat on the open air deck as that would give us the best photo opportunities. Our guide who gave us running commentary was fantastic. He obviously had pride in his work as he knew just about everything there was to know about the Thames and the buildings that line it. He also didn’t mind taking the piss out of things as he bagged out the English contribution to the Eye. They supplied the wooded benches. The cruise took us from the London Eye down the Thames past the Tower Bridge and back again. As we turned around past Tower Bridge the wind started to hit us up on deck. Our guide said he couldn’t stand the cold anymore so he headed downstairs to the warm comfy seats. We didn’t last in the cold much longer than our guide.


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