London Eye

Back at the London Eye after our Thames cruise, we lined up ready for our flight. The line was long but it seemed to be moving at a steady pace. There were two lines running into one at the pods. In one line there were school kids on a class excursion and the other line was for the rest of us. We hadn’t been lined up for long when the person in front of us was asked directions by someone else. She stopped to help her and the line in front of her moved. At that moment a snobby looking family jumped the queue into that spot. We were not impressed. The worst part about that was they ended up in the same pod as us.

The Eye rarely stops at any point which means you have to get into the pod while it is moving. That isn’t too hard so long as the people in front of you move away from the doorway. The ride took quite a long time to complete. At one point the Eye actually stopped. That happened while we were at or near the very top of the ride. Kim was getting a little crabby at that point because she was so tired and didn’t want to be there anymore. Eventually it started moving again. We got our photo taken at the bottom before we disembarked. As I said, the Eye doesn’t stop moving for you, not even so you can get off, so when the doors open you have to move. The snobby family was at the front, but they didn’t move when the doors opened. Kim just barged pass them and I followed.

I wanted to have a look at St Pauls Cathedral which was a bit of a distance away from the London Eye and back on the other side of the river. We were able to see it on the cruise and from the Eye. We walked over the foot bridge next to the train bridge which ran into Charing Cross station. We were nearly over the bridge when Kim broke down crying. She had reached her limit of endurance and was crying because of it. We had been keeping a very fast pace for the entire trip which was nearly 4 weeks old at that point. It is no wonder that she was exhausted. I gave her a hug and told her that we didn’t have to go any further, we could go back to the hotel and rest, but she said we couldn’t. She was right; we couldn’t let the opportunity of being in London pass us by. Kim seemed to get a second wind then which carried her through the rest of the day, and it was a big day. We got to the other side of the river and caught a taxi to St Pauls Cathedral. As we were driving along Kim saw a lady wearing a shirt with a belt and that was it. Perhaps she forgot the rest of the outfit? We will never know.


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