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I have posted this image before. Since then it has had some minor tweaking. I caught this shot of my wife on top of the Rock in New York. She was tired and cranky and quite over all the walking we had been doing. When I turned around and saw her like this I had to take a photo, but I was taking my life into my own hands when I did, you don’t want to poke the bear when she is angry.
I really like the way she wasn’t looking at the view, but rather sitting there looking sad and alone. It was nicely juxtaposed (A good artsy word there) by the couple on the left who were looking at the view and by chance were holding another M&M bag.
My wife knew I was taking the shot, but thankfully didn’t kill me for it.


M and M World

Approaching M&M Heaven

We headed north in Times Square and came across M&M world. It is nuts inside there with every conceivable bit of M&M merchandise under one roof. They also have heaps of colours when it comes to M&M’s. There was an entire wall of M&M tubes about 6inches round and two stories high full of M&M’s. I could have gone crazy in there but I managed to control myself. We did get some cool gear and some interesting photos.

Cheesy tourist shot

Lady Liberty

So many colours

So many M&M’s

Honeymoon Recap – Week One

Our first week was fast paced. In a short space of time we did and saw more than we could have imagined.

What we did in the first week:

  • Left home on an amazing journey
  • Had the flight from hell
  • Nearly missed our connection flight to Las Vegas due to the long security lines at LAX
  • Had our first ride in a hummer
  • Sweated our arses off in the Las Vegas heat
  • Went clothes shopping
  • We were suspected of using counterfeit money
  • Watched the Bellagio Fountain display
  • Wipe our room key card
  • Drove over Hoover Dam
  • Drove through Seligman on Route 66
  • Walked around a portion of the Grand Canyon and watched the sunset
  • Went out for dinner at 3am
  • Gambled in Vegas
  • Nearly deafened by a malfunctioning car radio
  • Had an encounter with Sea Lions
  • Rode around Stanley Park
  • Saw Harry Connick Jr in concert
  • Saw Killer Whale pods up close
  • Viewed Vancouver from the top of the Vancouver Lookout
  • Hired a car and drove the Sea to Sky Highway
  • Impressed by Shannon Falls
  • Drove on the left side of the road by mistake once
  • Arrived in Kamloops at the end of week one

Here are some photos of the first week:

Las Vegas

Foyer of the Bellagio

Bellagio Fountain

Grand Cruise – On The Road To The Grand Canyon

First View of the Grand Canyon

Sunset Silhouette

Vancouver Aquarium Jellyfish

Vancouver from Stanley Park

Breaching Orca

Vancouver at Night, from the Vancouver Lookout

Shannon Falls, Sea to Sky Highway

If you would like to read more about the first week, and see some more photos, please have a look at these blog posts.
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11. Grand Canyon Near Sunset
12. Grand Canyon Sunset
13. Kim and her Chipmunk
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18. Vancouver Aquarium
19. Vancouver Dolphins
20. Harry Potter
21. Stanley Park Ride
22. Harry Connick Jr
23. Vancouver Whale Watching Tour
24. Vancouver Lookout
25. Sea to Sky Highway – Vancouver to Kamloops

One week down, five weeks to go. We still have the Canadian Rockies to travel through, Toronto, New York and the UK. Thank you to all the fantastic people who have been following along with our journey so far. There is a lot more to come so stay tuned.

Travel Theme: Green

This weeks travel theme, over at Where’s My Backpack, is ‘Green‘. I have gone through my collection of photos from our honeymoon and have come up with eight images that fit the description of ‘Green’.

Emerald Lake, Canadian Rockies.

Lake Louise, Canadian Rockies.

Pyramid Lake, Jasper National Park, Canada.

Niagara Falls, Canada.

Green M&M Statue, M&M World, New York.

Central Park, New York.

18th Green, St. Andrews, Scotland.

Urquhart Castle, Loch Ness, Scotland.

Make sure you stop by at Where’s My Backpack and check out the other posts on the theme of Green.

Travel Theme: Roads

Where’s my backpack – Travel theme: Roads

On the road to the Grand Canyon

Driving towards Vegas at night

Road to Takakkaw Falls, Canadian Rockies

Leaving Takakkaw Falls, Canadian Rockies

The Forth Road Bridge, Scotland

On Hawkshead Hill, Lake District, UK

Canyon Storm Panorama

Canyon Storm – 7 shot panorama

Sometime before we went away on our honeymoon, I came up with the idea of trying some panoramas. I hadn’t done many in the past and those I did were pretty bad. I figured out that taking the panoramas in vertical/portrait orientation would give me more room above and below the scene. I also figured out that I would need plenty of overlap due to the lens distortion of my 18-200mm lens. I knew this and tried it on a couple of occasions during the trip, but for this shot I completely forgot about the vertical orientation of the camera. I got caught up in the scene before me and shot it horizontal. I gave it more than enough overlap to counter act the distortion, but it would have been nice to get a little more sky in the shot.

I actually submitted this shot to The Grid for critique. It was critiqued in episode #74 back in November 2012. I was pretty stoked that my images were selected for critique and that they got a good review. Their criticism of this shot was that it needed a levels adjustment, which I have since done.

My favourite quote from my critique was from Scott Kelby when he said:

“We’ve got us a good photographer here. Whoever that was, I’m digging you”.

That absolutely made my day!

First View of the Grand Canyon

First view of the Grand Canyon as a storm rolls through

For me, the Grand Canyon was always a place I wanted to visit, but I had no idea what it would be like. I had seen it in movies and on television, but that really doesn’t convey the vastness and grandeur of the place. Even now, after I have seen it with my own eyes, I find it difficult to describe to others. The best I come up with is “you really have to see it for yourself”. That’s probably not what they were wanting to hear, but I’m not articulate enough to describe the view and emotions of the Grand Canyon.

As we arrived in the Grand Canyon Village we couldn’t see the Canyon. It wasn’t until we walked up to the edge that we were able to take in the sights. I’m sure the Canyon is something that changes its looks with the weather. On this occasion there was a storm rolling through giving the Canyon a moody feel. I believe my first thought was “wow”!