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St Paul’s and Century 21

On our way back towards the hotel we stopped at a shoe store so Kim could have a look. I took off while she was waiting to try and get some shots of St Paul’s Chapel which is next door to the hotel. I got my shots and came back to Kim quickly. She wasn’t having a good time with the sales clerks who were very unhelpful. We both went to the church after that and took some photos. We also went inside to see the memorials which were very moving. Kim didn’t take many photos as she felt it was the wrong thing to do. I took a few, but I was being very thoughtful with regards to what I was photographing and how often I was shooting.

When we left there we didn’t go back into the hotel, we decided to check out the Century 21 Department store. It was supposedly a very big store but it was cramped. We needed to get another bag for the flight to the UK and this seemed to be a good place to find one. As I said the store was cramped. It was as if they were trying to fit too much into the store. We found a bag and headed to pay for it but the check out was in a very narrow area and people were lined up for as far as the eye could see. Of course other people felt this was a good area to walk through, so we had to try and let them through while we stayed in line. After we bought the case we went upstairs to try and find some travel underwear for Kim. We found some and that was fine but the line up to pay for them was unreal. It seemed to take forever and they were about to shut down our line but thankfully they served us before they did that. We got out of the store as fast as we could after that.

Upon our return to the hotel we decided to go for a swim in their pool to relax and cool down from all the walking we had done during the day. There was a so called life guard on duty but he looked severely bored and more interested in his Iphone. There was a small family there as well wading in the shallows. The pool was nice and the the view was interesting. We were looking at tall building and the church spire next door. It was a good way to end the day. We were exhausted after everything we had done that day!

That afternoon/night we packed. Well, Kim packed and I rang some internet friends from the states. It was good to hear their voices. That night we ate in the hotel restaurant downstairs. I had a burger which came with a small bottle of sauce which Kim just loved. She brought it home with her.