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I have posted this image before. Since then it has had some minor tweaking. I caught this shot of my wife on top of the Rock in New York. She was tired and cranky and quite over all the walking we had been doing. When I turned around and saw her like this I had to take a photo, but I was taking my life into my own hands when I did, you don’t want to poke the bear when she is angry.
I really like the way she wasn’t looking at the view, but rather sitting there looking sad and alone. It was nicely juxtaposed (A good artsy word there) by the couple on the left who were looking at the view and by chance were holding another M&M bag.
My wife knew I was taking the shot, but thankfully didn’t kill me for it.


M and M World

Approaching M&M Heaven

We headed north in Times Square and came across M&M world. It is nuts inside there with every conceivable bit of M&M merchandise under one roof. They also have heaps of colours when it comes to M&M’s. There was an entire wall of M&M tubes about 6inches round and two stories high full of M&M’s. I could have gone crazy in there but I managed to control myself. We did get some cool gear and some interesting photos.

Cheesy tourist shot

Lady Liberty

So many colours

So many M&M’s