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Night Train to London

It was just after 9pm when we left the pub so we headed for the train station to grab our gear. We then proceeded to our platform and made ourselves at home in the lounge. The guy on duty in there was surprised to see us at such an early time, but what else were we going to do after a long day of sightseeing. We still had several hours to wait till we could board the train so why not sit in the comfortable lounge and watch TV. The movies playing were Hot Shots, which Kim couldn’t believe I had on DVD. And we got to see a good portion of One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest. I had never seen it before and was sad to have to leave before it finished.

The train eventually got there and we started loading on. The hallways are very narrow and I found it hard to get the luggage along them. We got to our cabin and was rather surprised. I had thought that a private sleeper cabin would be similar to what you see in the movies. Sure the beds would be small and there wouldn’t be a lot of room in the cabin, but you would at least get your own toilet/shower cubical. This wasn’t the case! Our cabin was two bunk beds with some shelving and hooks for coats and that was it. I could lay in the bed and my feet were hard against the wall of the train. I could also reach the other wall from bed without stretching. It was quite cramped in there. The idea that we would be able to sleep on the train on the way to London, then be able to get up and face the day refreshed, was a fantasy. We might have got a good night sleep if the train didn’t keep stopping along the way to pick up different things. They also joined another few cars onto the train at one point or changed engines, as there was a fair bit of shunting around going on. Either way we made it to London the next morning looking quite the worse for wear.



Sunday 17th, October. Today we would be moving on to Edinburgh, which is the start of our solo tour of Scotland and the UK. We had enjoyed the past few days with Avril and David, they were relaxing in a way, especially compared to our Toronto experience. We would be returning to Avril and David’s for a few days before we fly home, so we left some things with them to save us from carrying them all over the UK for no reason. The day was once again overcast, but fine otherwise.

Avril and David were good enough to drive us to Edinburgh to see us on our way. Our first stop was at the small town of Culross on the northern side of the Firth of Forth. When I say small, I mean small. The town is small, but the houses and particularly the doorways and tiny. David and I got out to look around this wee town and got some photos of the doorways. I stood next to them to portray the pronounced size difference. We walked through the town for a while so I could search out things to photograph, but it was so cold that I didn’t feel inspired to take many shots. We did come across some streets cordoned of for filming purposes. The guy on the barrier couldn’t tell us much other than he was told to stand there and that is all he knew. While we were doing all this Avril and Kim were sitting in the car staying warm.

As we left Culross, David tried to get a good vantage point to see the Forth road and rail bridges. It was a bit of a lost cause unfortunately. I would have loved to get an iconic photo of the Forth rail bridge. I can’t remember if we got a photo of it as we drove over the Forth road bridge, but if we ever return to the UK I will have to try and get a good photo of that bridge. We could see the Forth rail bridge to our left as we crossed the Forth road bridge. Part of the bridge was covered due to painting. It looked like a big lego bridge with its coverings.

On the Edinburgh side of the Firth of Forth we made a stop at an electronics store and bought a new Canon G11 camera for Kim to replace the broken G10 from New York. While we were there I also purchased another external hard drive so I could back up all our photos for safety. We had been traveling with a external hard drive from the start of the honeymoon. One evening Kim asked me “what happens if our external hard drive fails or gets lost”? I said we would lose all our photos and videos to date, so I had to get another hard drive to protect our files. As a result both hard drives had identical information on them and were carried in separate bags at all times from that point on. It took a while to back everything up onto the new drive, but once it was done we were reassured that our precious photos and videos would be safe.