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If you have every tried to photograph a child moving you will know it isn’t easy. They are constantly moving and doing something. On this occasion we were in the park and my son was running back up to the top of a slide. I was trying to capture it all and thought the steps were an interesting backdrop. It was in the shadows so I was forced to have a slow shutter speed anyway and this is what I managed to capture. It certainly shows his movement.
When ever my son sees this image on the computer he says “They are my shoes” (he is three years old).


Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Which Ways – Featuring Steps or Stairs

I stumbled upon Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge and thought I would give it a go this week.

Stairs of the Wallace Monument, Stirling, Scotland

Steps in Stirling Castle, Scotland

Staircase in St Pauls Cathedral, London