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If you have every tried to photograph a child moving you will know it isn’t easy. They are constantly moving and doing something. On this occasion we were in the park and my son was running back up to the top of a slide. I was trying to capture it all and thought the steps were an interesting backdrop. It was in the shadows so I was forced to have a slow shutter speed anyway and this is what I managed to capture. It certainly shows his movement.
When ever my son sees this image on the computer he says “They are my shoes” (he is three years old).


The Drum – Issue 93 April 2015

The April issue of the Drum is up on the club website.
There are articles on March club meeting, the Bridport excursion, the Centenary Trophy, and TPF AGM programme. Plus we have the winners from the February “Monochrome” competition and results of the second Facebook competition.

Please enjoy.

Lilydale Upper Falls

Lilydale Upper Falls

I took this image in 2007 and then did nothing with it. Last month I was searching through my back catalog of images and came across this shot so I finally processed it. It was processed with Silver Efex Pro and then I did some final processing in Lightroom. I am glad that I never actually processed this image when I took it because I never would have made it look like this back then. My taste and processing has changed considerably over the last 8 years and I am glad it has.

The Drum – Issue 91 February 2015

The February issue of the Drum is now up on the club website. It is full of information of upcoming events plus articles on the January club meeting and a night photography workshop.

Please enjoy!

The Drum – Issue 90 January 2015

The first issue of The Drum for the year has been published!

In this issue we have the winners of the Robert and Dorothy Mackrill Trophies plus the winner of the President’s Trophy.

Please enjoy!

The Drum – Issue 89 December 2014

The latest issue of The Drum has been published for December. It features articles on the recent TPF Meeting (page 6), and an interview with Jason L Stephens (page 14).

Each issue of The Drum is a lot of work to put together. Sourcing and writing articles, editing and changing the layout to suit. It is a big effort, but it is also very rewarding to see the finished product.

With the silly season well upon us this latest issue became much more difficult to finish. With some rather late nights in the last week I was able to bring it all together. January’s issue will be done on a tight time constraint as I don’t want to be wrapped up in that issue over the festive period. Then February will be under a lot of pressure. My wife is expecting our second child in early January, so life in our household will change dramatically.

As with most things time will tell how everything pans out.

I hope that everyone who reads this latest issue will enjoy it.

The Drum – Issue 88 November 2014

The latest issue of The Drum has been published for November. It features articles the recent club field trip to Armidale Stud, and the second part of the Ibarionex Perello interview (The Candid Frame).

I hope that everyone who reads it will enjoy it.