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Lilydale Upper Falls

Lilydale Upper Falls

I took this image in 2007 and then did nothing with it. Last month I was searching through my back catalog of images and came across this shot so I finally processed it. It was processed with Silver Efex Pro and then I did some final processing in Lightroom. I am glad that I never actually processed this image when I took it because I never would have made it look like this back then. My taste and processing has changed considerably over the last 8 years and I am glad it has.


Hermitage Park

Thursday 14th, October. Today we got up a bit earlier and got a full Scottish breakfast cooked for us by Avril. It was the first time I had tatty scones. Basically it is potato fried into a flatish round piklet type thing. I’m not sure if it was this morning or not but I had my first taste of Irn Bru. However it was Diet Irn Bru which tastes like crap. The real stuff is fantastic! David offered both of us some Haggis with our breakfasts, which both of us declined.

After breakfast we got ready to head out for the day. I’m not sure if it was today or another morning at Avril and David’s, but while I was in the shower I got some shower gel in my right eye. It flicked up from the bottle top into my eye and all I could do was try and wash it out. I was in agony as my eye was stinging. The pain eventually reduced, but sine then I am more careful around shower gel.

Once we were ready we headed for the Trossachs, which is to the west of Stirling. The car was full with all four of us and Hann the dog. Kim had her legs up on the centre console because Hann liked to sit in the foot well. Their car is a Jeep and has a very dangerous drivers seat set up. It isn’t dangerous for the driver, but rather for the passenger behind them. When the car stops the seat moves backwards onto the passengers feet. If you aren’t fast enough you could get your foot jammed under the seat. It was Avril that took the risk by sitting behind David.

David said that if I saw something I wanted to photograph to just let him know and he would stop the car. To be honest I was still a little jet lagged and wasn’t sure what I wanted to photograph. We did stop a few times and got some okay photos. It was overcast again, but the cloud cover was higher so we could see more of the countryside around us. It wasn’t until we got to the Hermitage Park in the Trossachs that I really got some good photos.

It was amazing how many cars were in the small car park at Hermitage Park. There were so many that we couldn’t get a normal parking spot. There was also a food stand there which was a strange sight to see. As we walked into the park I tried to get a photo of Avril and David with Hann between them in the distance, but by the time I got the camera ready they had changed positions, so I didn’t get the photo.

At the end of the walk there was a small building. You go into the building and out to a lookout over a river and waterfall. I took plenty of photos here and so did Kim. As we left that building we went down another trail which took us along the waters edge. There was an old stone bridge there with a lot of character and a small walkway underneath it. I was waiting for some slow tourists to move out of the way. They didn’t even say thank you for letting them move off along the narrow walkway without hassle. It was very slippery under the bridge and a lot of the path was washed away. I took it easy and only got a few shots from down there. Looking back on the photos now I think they could have been so much better, but at least I got some photos to remember the place by.

As we walked out of the park a young couple came walking towards us. David had Hann on a leash and as the young couple passed the girl said quietly “Cute”. David took this to be her thinking that David was cute. She instantly became another one of David’s babes. Kim interrogated his reasoning for thinking she was talking about him and deduced that all his babes were a result of walking Hann. Clearly Hann has all the babes and David is lucky to ride on his coat tails.

Sea to Sky Highway – Vancouver to Kamloops

We finally set out on our own, traveling by car, from Vancouver to Kamloops. We were heading towards the Canadian Rockies for about a week. We had a couple ways we could go to get to our destination by car. The fastest way would have been to take the Trans Canadian Highway straight to Kamloops, which Google Maps says is around 3.5 hours. Instead we went up the Sea to Sky Highway through Whistler, which added 2 hours to the journey. We took this route because we wanted to see as much of Canada as possible, and we thought this route would do that. Next time we do this trip (if we do it again, and hopefully we will) we will take the shorter route option.

The car pick up was quite easy as it was only around the block from our hotel. When we got there they informed us that they had two cars for us, but obviously we only needed one. They gave us a Nissan Sentra, red, with no guts whatsoever. I can’t say too many bad things about the car, it did get us from point A to point B. It never broke down and was quite economical, but it would have been nice to have a bit more grunt under the hood.

About an hour out of Vancouver we came to Shannon Falls. We wanted to stretch our legs for a while and this was the perfect place to do that. The first thing that hit us was the noise of the water and then we looked up. It had been raining the night before which resulted in a massive amour of water coming over the falls. It was a very impressive sight to see so close to the road. This was a great place to walk around and take photos! We took photos of the falls and river, plus we even took photos of the fungus and moss. This was something the lady in the information building had never seen anyone do before.

We stopped in Whistler for lunch. We tried Boston Pizza. The food was nice, but far too spicy for our tastes. The atmosphere in the place wasn’t the best either, with a table of drunken youths hollering and screaming, and otherwise making fools of themselves. Whistler really wasn’t our sort of place. I’d say it caters to the younger generation white well, but no to us.

Younger generation… We were only in our mid 30’s when we took this trip. It’s not like we are that much older than them, but we are old enough to notice the difference.

After Whistler there was a lot of driving. Kim took over driving and I passed out for a while. I wanted to stay awake, but my body had other ideas. Kim did wake me up after a period of time to see a lake and the mountains we were driving past. Not long after this we came to the small town of Lillooet. We had to make a turn off to stay on course here, and I was in charge of the map. The map wasn’t enlarged enough for me to distinguish between the two directions, so we ended up driving through downtown Lillooet, instead of going across the bridge and out of town. I’m sure the people who live here are very nice, but the town reminded us of Queenstown, on the west coast of Tasmania. It looked a little dodgy and we really didn’t want to get stuck here for any reason. A quick U-turn got us back on track and we made sure we crossed the bridge out of town.

We made it to Kamloops, and our hotel, in the mid-afternoon and proceeded to have a relaxing swim in their pool. The hotel, Holiday Inn Express Kamloops, was quite nice, but our floor was under construction. The room was good, but the hallway was a work site. It didn’t matter to us as we were only staying the one night. That evening we had dinner at a place called Chapters Viewpoint restaurant. It was a very nice dinner with a good view of the lights of Kamloops. It looked to be of a similar size compared to our home, Launceston, Tasmania. We were entertained by a group sitting next to us who were trying to figure out the lyrics of “Waltzing Matilda”. They never quite understood what it all meant.

After dinner we returned to the hotel for a good nights rest. Tomorrow we would be driving onto Golden. The day was one we would rather forget, but that is for the next blog post.